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Create a business name tools can help you find a suitable domain for your brand and ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves!

When it comes to starting a new business, coming up with a great name for your company is an essential first step towards building a profitable and successful brand. However, coming up with unique of fresh ideas can sometimes be a real challenge, especially if you have the feeling that all good names are already reserved.

In order to help you create a business name, we’ve put together a list of tools (business name generator tools) to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

  • Business Name Generator 

This is a Shopify tool and you can use it free of charge. The best thing about this tool is that it automatically mixes your keyword with other popular words to generate a powerful and creative list of available domains. It is a great tool if you are looking for creative inspiration or a potential and available domain names to match.

● GoSpaces

This is a very popular business name generator tool that helps you to find the perfect domain for your online project, startup or business. All you need to do is put in a keyword that is related to your business, the products or services you are selling or your project and you will be set to begin. This is known as the perfect tool for finding the perfect name.


● Wordoid

This is a smart naming tool that helps you find random names of made-up words that feel great, look nice, and are suitable for your type of business. If you are looking for a fresh and creative name that doesn’t need to make sense, look no further as this is the right tool for you.

● NameStation

Another popular and great domain name generator tool that creates interesting and relevant domain name ideas, keyword suggestions, provides search guidance, and name variations and combinations based on your preferences and search criteria. All you need to do is enter the main keyword, choose the category or industry that best fits your business company and this tool will generate a list of available and suggested domains.


● Domain Hole

This tool provides a suite of domain name related tools that will allow you to generate domain names such as Name Generator which generates unique, random, pronounceable, and brandable domains, Expired search which searches up-to-date selection or database of expired domains, Brainstormer which discovers new ideas and domains using an ultimate brainstorming tool, and Name Spinner which combines your keyword with other words to get new domain name ideas.

● Impossibility

This is a very simple domain name generator tool that uses your keyword and mixes it with a list of verbs, nouns, and adjectives and then supplies you with a list of available domains. You can choose whether you want the keyword to come at the beginning or at the end. This tool is great as it provides you with extremely fast results.


● NXdom

This is a very interactive tool for searching short and available domain names. The reason why this tool is so popular is because its database contains millions and millions of results for unused and expired domains. You have lots of options to choose from and you can search by prefix, suffix, and organize the results by readability, length, popularity, and etc.

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